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Beijing Energy Efficiency Technical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise working on improving fossil fuel energy utilization ratio of existing energy utilization system, promoting clean energy, renewable energy sources and new energy, and improving operation management efficiency of urban water, electricity, heat, gas, sewage, subway and other municipal administration systems.
The currently introduced products series (including solutions) and services are shown as below:

1. Automation control of heat exchange station of district heating network, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system of distribute heat net
Consultation, design and construction of automatic control system of heat exchange station of distribute heat net, energy efficiency realization of all the heat exchange stations (including terminal substations) and comfortable control of integrated planning, configuration design and project implementation of supervisory control and data acquisition system of distribute heat net, and realization of heat and hydraulic balance and energy efficiency control of distribute heat net.

2. GRADES Heating
When the running state of the distribute heat net changes, calculation and analysis can be timely carried out by GRADES Heating, so the management staff of the heat company is facilitated to adjust the running state of the whole net at any time, and the purposes of economy and stable operation are realized; static and dynamic simulation are carried out on distribute heat nets, particularly the ones which are operated with multiple heat sources and dendritically or annularly connected, the economic and optimized operation of the distribute heat net can be guided, users are assisted to work out emergency plan for the malfunctioned distribute heat net, distribute heat net planning and route design through simulating the accident condition of the distribute heat net. The system can obtain the required heat load of all the heat exchange stations and heating users, and pressure, flow and temperature distribution under various load conditions; various operation statistical tables are generated to analyze the energy consumption cost. After the software computational analysis, the distribute heat net system can improve the heating quality, reduce the energy consumption, and implement the optimized operation scheme.

3.Heating accumulator technology
Planning, design and implementation of heat accumulator of district heating system, and design and construction of heating accumulator control system.
The accumulator can realize the optimization, efficiency, safety and flexible adjustment of district heating system:
 Meeting the required heat load of heating system, and solving the problem of insufficient peak heating capacity during the coldest period;
 Reducing the working time of high-priced peak heat sources and improving the economy of distribute heat net through accumulating and discharging cheap heat energy from the thermal power plant;
 When the distribute heat net has short-term breakdown loss, the heating boiler is examined and repaired or malfunctioned, the accumulator can be used as the short-term heat source to heat or the efficient water replenishing facility;
 Increasing the heating adjustment measures of thermal power plants and heating companies, and optimizing the schedule of power generation and heating.

4. Steam/water, water/water heat exchanger, unmanned full-automatic control heat exchanger unit

5. Heat supply metering management system
  Household-based heat metering and terminal control are effectively combined, and the energy-saving purpose is really realized through metering.

6. Exhaust and waste heat recovery
In the industrial and civilian fields, where a large number of newly constructed and renovated projects exist, through aiming at optimal design and analogue simulation of energy utilization system, we can improve energy efficiency by providing more energy-efficient and good quality equipment and solutions so as to improve the energy utilization ratio. In addition, correct design and application of control system can greatly enhance the goal of energy efficiency. Combining advanced and extensive application of energy technologies, including isolation heat transfer equipment, heat accumulator, heat pump and other equipment can create integrated highly efficient system, so as to provide users with accurate and controllable energy. These equipment and solutions can be applied to a wide range of industry categories, such as iron and steel, petrochemical, electric power, foodstuff, textile, paper, etc. In the energy efficiency application and supervisory area, we have rich experience, as well as a professional team.

We would like to share common development with our customers by offering energy products and systems aimed for energy efficiency, high efficiency and emission reduction. Through energy-efficient control system, we are striving not only for the construction of environmental-friendly and social benefits, but also for enabling the users to directly enjoy the benefits by energy efficiency and reduction of operation costs. Beijing Energy Efficiency Technical Co., Ltd. is ready to contribute to the energy business of the users.


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