· Industrial and Civil Waste heat recovery

We provide mature heat pump technology, equipment and solutions for using waste heat in various industrial fields to meet commercial heating needs.

Heating and power cogeneration process will release mass low-temperature waste heat, while the heating and power plants also requires a lot of heat with mid-temperature, such as boiler feed water heating, heat pump will utilize the condenser low-temperature waste heat emissions to be part of recycling, improve water quality and then applied to the heating to saving operating and energy costs. We can utilize the high-temperature industrial waste heat to generate electricity directly by boiler.

A heat pump always moves thermal energy in the opposite direction from temperature, but a heat pump that maintains a thermally conditioned-space can be used to provide either heating or cooling, depending upon whether the environment is cooler or warmer than the conditioned-space. When pumps are used to provide heating, they are used because less input from a commercial-energy source is required than is required for newly-creating thermal energy by transforming heat-free sources of energy (for example, electricity) or low-entropy sources of energy directly into the required heating. This is because the heat pump utilizes some thermal energy from the environment for part of the delivered-heating, increasing the "efficiency" of the process. In cooler climates, it is common for heat pumps to be designed only to provide heating.

Many heat pumps also use an auxiliary heat source for heating mode. This means that, even though the heat pump is the primary source of heat, another form is available as a back-up. Electricity, oil, or gas are the most common sources. This is put in place so that if the heat pump fails or can't provide enough heat, the auxiliary heat will kick on to make up the difference.

Our heat pump unit and system features:

Excellent performance with high precision, long working life, low maintenance costs,
Easy to install and reliable operation
Factory completion of testing, on-site assembled
Sophisticated control and wide range of utility situation
Provide a variety of refrigerant choice to adapt to different temperature conditions
Highly energy efficiency, the maximum COP can be more than 6.0