Project Name:  Geothermal heat pump heating project of the Green Energy 
                             Company Post School
Customer Name: Shaan Green Energy Geothermal Development Co., ltd

Implementation Time: Augest, 2008---January, 2009

Project Profile: Shaan Green Energy Geothermal Development Co., ltd
                          Heating area 32,000 square meters
                          Now have two geothermal wells, the water of each well 
                              is 150t/h, water temperature is 70℃
                         Two centrifugal pump units, total system heat 4000kw
                         Two gas peak-shaving boilers, total system heat 7000kw

Project Content:

The original heating area of the Xianyang universities geothermal heating project is 220,000 square meters, the end is radiator, heat source is two geothermal wells, the water is 150t/h, temperature is 70 ℃,there is also a total of 7 mw gas peak-shaving boiler, the daily cost about 10,000 party gas, discharge temperature of geothermic water is about 48℃。

With the increasing of the heating area, the drawbacks that heat shortages, high cost of gas peak-shaving and failed to make full use of geothermic water become more prominent, therefore, in 2008,we have transformed system ,increased 4 wm geothermal heat pump, modified and improved the system processes, adjusted the balance of local network and end of local user.

After the transformation, we use the way of geothermal + heat pump + gas boiler peaking to provide heat for their heating region, with 320,000 square meters of heating capacity, the geothermic water can be fully utilized, the discharge temperature is significantly reduced, social and economic benefits of this project is very significant.




Xianyang deep geothermal energy development and cascade utilization