Project Name:  Waste heat of slag water be utilization of Tangshan stainless steel Co., 

Customer Name: Blue Field Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD

Execution Time: Jan 10th, 2012

Project profile:

This project uses a set of heat exchange system to recovery the heat of 3# and 4 # blast furnace slag water for heating of plant and supply hot water of bathhouse. This system be constituted by a heat exchanger unit of heating, a heat exchanger unit of life water and two groups circulation pump of slag water. To meet the requirement that unattended remote control for the complete set of heat exchange system, the system uses a set of S7-300 PLC to control them. 

Because of the distance between circulation pump of slag water and the heat exchanger unit is farther, S7-300 PLC uses CPU 315-2 DP module through the PROFIBU-DP bus to remote control the circulation pump of slag water. Not only use touch screen at heat exchanger station, but also reserve a CP343-1 communication modules, for position machine through Ethernet networking to remote control heat exchange system later.


Waste heat utilization about cinder flushing water of Tangshan Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.