Project Name: Tangshan heating networking eleven heat sources networking  
                            operation simulation

Customer Name: Tangshan Thermal Company

Execution Time: July 25th, 2011

Project profile:

At present there are five heat sources at Tangshan, because of city heating networking is more and more big, heating area is increasing, the way that each heat source work alone be serious wasted and bottleneck, cannot effective use the heating ability of each heat source. With the new access user more and more, heating will face serious challenge annually. In addition, in recent years the heat networking accident occurred frequently, when the accident happened and due to the heat source no backup lead to cannot heat, that repeatedly made public. To solve these two problems, Tangshan Thermal Company puts forward multiple heat sources to be networked. On one hand, when the multiple heat sources system running, all the heat sources can be reasonable distributed to improve heating efficiency, on the other hand can effectively prevent user heating will be influenced when the heat source accident happening.

However, because of the complexity of multiple heat sources networking operation, only by the manual calculation to scheduling operation is not possible to achieve, so Tangshan Thermal Company entrust us use GRADES Heating software to simulate multiple heat sources networking operation, and issue the consulting report.

First of all, we according to existing five heat sources to networking operation and simulation. Under the conditions of as many as 56, determine hydraulic balance intersection of ring networking and the most unfavorable user, and put forward the effective reform suggestions to networking.

Second, according to the supply heat plan in 2015 and 2020 years at Tangshan, up to 69 times simulation about the heat source site selection and capacity, Finally confirmed the construction time sequence, site selection, capacity and supporting pipe networking routing of three thermal power plants and three peak shaving boiler rooms.

Finally, we according to the present situation of the Tangshan heating networking, for the problem about multiple heat sources networking simulation operation, the consulting report issued by the detailed, in the report puts forward many effective suggestions, obtained the customer sincere praise.



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