Project name: Qingdao three thermal companies (Hua Dian, Jin Gang and Tai Neng) 
                           networking operation simulation

Customer Name: Qingdao Heating Planning and Design Institute Co., LTD

Execution Time: Dec 10th, 2011

Project profile:

At present, Qingdao has more than 10 thermal companies .There are seven heating companies within the scope of urban areas. Each company basically supplies their own heat source only for their own customers. For all sorts of reasons, the heating networking to be built more and more far away from their user. On the contrary, the heat sources of other thermal company are close to their user. Because of the distance of routing is too long, when each company supplies heat for their own customers, that will have a huge waste and the rate of each heat source is extremely      low.

In addition, in recent years the heat networking accident frequently, when the accident happened and due to the heat source no backup lead to cannot heat, that repeatedly made public. To solve these two problems, Qingdao government puts forward multiple heat sources to be networked within the urban area. On one hand, when the multiple heat sources system running, all the heat sources can be reasonable distributed to improve heating efficiency, on the other hand can effectively prevent user heating will be influenced when the heat source accident happening.

According to the distribution characteristics of Qingdao city heat source, we assist Qingdao Heating Planning and Design Institute Co., LTD to realize multiple heat sources (three heat sources about Hua Dian, Jin Gang and Tai Neng) networked operation simulation by using GRADES Heating software. In the simulations we found that the heat source heating capacity can be increased by more than 15% after running multiple heat sources networking. In addition, according to the simulation results of various working conditions, we formulate the three heat sources networking operation scheme of this year.



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