Project Name:  Multiple heat sources networking planning and scheduling 
                             engineering of Qingdao Thermoelectric Group

Customer Name: Qingdao Thermoelectric Group

Execution Time: Dec 25th, 2011 

Introduction of the Project:

At present, Qingdao Thermoelectric Group is facing the shortage of heating in Yin Du Heating Plant. Thus, Yin Du Heating Plant has to generate heat to fill up from Fu Shan Heating Plant and Charity House Heating Plant in a closer location. Meanwhile, Qingdao Thermoelectric Group will merges these three heating plant in the same networking, and in order to meet the requirement of combined operation in heating systems with multiple heat sources, and realize the target that improving the efficiency.

Given the complexity of multiple heat sources system, we assist Qingdao Thermoelectric Group realize simulation of three heat sources combined operation by using GRADES Heating software, and refer to past successful experience of Hua Dian, Jin Gang and Tai Neng. During the simulation, we found that not only the shortage of heating sources in Yin Du Heating Plant has been solved successfully but also the heating area has been increased as well. At last, we developed the scheme of multiple heat sources system according to various working conditions and simulation results.



Qingdao thermoelectric group multiple heat sources network planning and scheduling engineering