Project Name: Dalkia(Jia Musi Ctiy) Urban Heating automatic control project

Customer Name: Dalkia(Jia Musi City) Urban Heating Co., ltd
Implementation Time: July,2007—until now

Project Profile: Dalkia(Jia Musi City) Urban Heating Co., ltd 
                         Heating area: 14,000,000 square meters
                         Length of total a pipe network: 437km
                         Numbers of heat exchange station:317

Unattended automatic heat exchanger unit, the transformation of the overall heat exchange station automatic control system and SCADA system of heat-supply network.
Project Content: Dalkia(Jia Musi City) Urban Heating Co., ltd which joint venture by the French DALKIA company holding is a city district heating enterprises. From 2007 the company conducted large-scale transformation of heat-supply network, system uses Siemens Desigo Insight configuration software, the whole system is stable and reliable,  has the following functions: real-time screen, real-time alarm, report customization, real-time and historical trends, real-time and historical data, remote control, pressure diagram and open database etc, and also introduce the following measures: security, temperature control, pressure control, replenishment control, energy-saving control etc. Establish energy consumption measure management system and implementation of the whole network control strategy, reasonable distribution of the heating network resources, meet the thermal needs of the user and the maximum extent possible to reduce energy consumption.


Dalkia (Jiamusi) urban heating automatic control project