· Secondary network balance control and meeting system

Heating measurement management system
achieve heat measure and  saving energy control double function

System survey
Heating measure management system, adopting mature reliable communication mode, it can realize the user hot measure data remote monitoring, through the strong data records and measure reports, which can effectively statistical user of energy consumption and accounts costs.

In heating measure on the basis of the scheme, to end the return water temperature control device on the adjustment, to distribute flow, realize the heat balance at the end user.
The household metering and end control effectively together, to realize energy-saving through measure



                                                           System of structur
                                                           Data collection –collect local data
                                                           Communication and control – exchange
                                                           data between computer and local device
                                                            Handle data – save、analyse、

                                                            statistics and archive

Feature of system

Heat measure accurate, reliable and stable measuring heat meter conforms to our country CJ128 and European EN 1434 product standards;

Measuring boxes compact structure, easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

3 G network communication, Bestrow scope, mature technology, data transmission fast, project cost low, safe and stable

Remote control, through the heating measure management software, to control and adjust  the end of circuit

Rights management, system permissions classification management, different personnel have different management authority

Data inquires at any time, the monitoring center can inquire each user per year, monthly, and daily data records at any time

Effective data, data errors will be screening, guarantee ultimate statistics and analysis of data is effective

Alarm function, can detect  the system state,  automatic alarm when fault occur

Plan one :Household metering


through the measuring boxes, will data transmission to the monitoring center, the monitoring center for data monitoring, storage, analysis and statistics and archive

Plan two : add comtrol and measure at the end of circuit

add control functions, through electric control valve to adjust return water temperature, so as to realize the energy saving control.